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Arctic Winter Conditions

The arctic like winter conditions prevalent in the prairies make new winter tires essential for safe journeys on the ice and snow.  This is why many provinces mandate the use of winter tires.  It’s because our extreme temperatures and voluminous snowfalls too often result in icy road conditions that are not safe to travel on without good winter tires.


It’s that time!  Our customers are realizing their vehicles need a good set of new winter tires and a good winter tune-up to brave the coming winter.

Lube Stop’s New Winter Tires Rebates 2020 schedule offers significant savings!  Additionally, Lube Stop is currently offering winter tuneup specials! Drop by and ask about our social following programs, google reviews programs, loyal customer program and all the currently available promotions.  We will help you get your vehicle ready for winter at the best prices possible!

Stop by.  Let us take good care of you!

Check out the 2020 TIRE REBATES below!

HOW TO Get Your Tires Ordered & Appointment Made

Step 1:  Collect Year, Make, Model & Trim info of your Vehicle from your bill of sale or registration.

Step 2:  Collect Tire Width, Aspect Ratio & Rim Diameter from observing your existing tires as shown below.  Also, it is good to also note the tire and loading info that also has the previous information by checking your Vehicle Information Placard inside your door as also shown below.

Step 3:  Call us our drop by so we can order the tires that work for your vehicle and are of the brand you prefer with the rebates you have in mind.  Click here for our Contact & Map Info.

Step 4: Drop your vehicle off for your appointment (less than an hour) and then pick it up.

Step 5:  Once home, go to the website for the Tire Brand you bought and apply for your rebate.  You may need to attach a copy of your invoice.  We will email that to you for your convenience.  Done!

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