OEM Maintenance Chek Chart

Lube Stop is one of few lube shops that serve customers with very detailed OEM servicing needs.   Their OEM Maintenance Chek Chart system provides very detail level diagnostic and maintenance schedule information about all vehicles.

  • We scan your vehicle’s VIN when you arrive and ask for your mileage.
  • We cross reference this information with our OEM Maintenance Chek Chart Recommended Maintenance Schedule (RMS) in our in-house database to determine the servicing items and oil/fluid changes recommended for your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer of that vehicle AND as those recommendations relate to our previous history on your vehicle.

This OEM Maintenance Chek Chart system is used throughout our Lube Stop locations and includes checks for: motors oils, transmission oils, coolants, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, gear oils, tires, & filters.

Knowing this information helps Lube Stop auto servicing techs provide recommendations that are very accurately “just what you need” and nothing more.  This can save a great deal of cost in servicing that is not necessary.