28 Point Inspection

Lube Stop uses a 28 Point Inspection Checklist to jiffy deliver Lube, Oil Change, Fluid Change, Filter Change, Tire Change, & Auto Parts at our lube shop.

Your vehicle’s safety and reliability is important to us. Our comprehensive 28-point inspection will ensure your vehicle will get you where you need to go in comfort and safety. We cover the exterior of your vehicle, under the hood and under the vehicle.


1. Lights – Do all lights work?
2. Turn Signal – Do they flash properly?
3. Horn – Does it work properly?
4. Wipers – Are they operable and in good condition?
5. Tires – Size and condition? Check spare under vehicle.


6. Oil – When was it changed last?
7. Tune-up – Check for rough idle
8. Air and Emission Filters – Condition of Filters
9. Fuel Filter – Does it appear old or OE?
10. Valve Cover – Are valve covers leaking oil?
11. Belts – Note Condition
12. Hoses – Are they soft, cracking, leaking, hard, etc.
13. Cooling System – Is it low, dirty, weak, freeze point, etc.
14. Fluid Leaks – Are there any leaks visible?
15. Air Conditioning – Is it operable?
16. Electrical/Charging System – Condition of cables, water level and AVR Test
17. Fluid Levels – Were any low on arrival


18. Wheel Align and Balance – Does tire wear indicate a need?
19. Shock Absorber / Struts – Ride condition, Leaking?
20. Suspension and Steering – Condition of parts?
21. U-Joints or CV Joints – Noise, vibration, or torn boots? Lubricant?
22. Bearings and Seals – Noise, looseness or leaks?
23. Trans./Regular Service – Check level, color, leaks, or mileage needs?
24. Grease or Fluid Levels – Is differential or standard trans leaking?
25. Water Pump/Freeze Plugs – Is there noise or leaks from pump or plugs?
26. Oil Leaks – Are there any visible leaks? Is level OK?
27. Exhaust System – Are there any leaks or noise in system?
28. Tires – Check tread depth and tire pressure. Do visual inspection for foreign objects and premature wear.